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Newcastle Bike Repair Mobile Bicycle Service

Bikes are built of lightweight components that are exposed to the elements, salty roads, mud, potholes and being taken in and out of storage. As such they need regular attention to keep them both safe and running smoothly.

What is a service?

There is a confusing overlap between repairs, servicing and cleaning e.g 'fixing' the brakes can be a combination of cleaning the rim, replacing a wire and adjusting the pads.

While standalone repairs are sometimes the best option, usually if you've noticed one thing is worn out, other parts will need attention too. So, it can be cheaper and quicker to have a few different parts addressed at the same time, rather than lots of individual repairs and visits. While adjusting these parts, it makes sense to check, clean and lubricate the parts connected to them too. This is the basis of a Service.

Chains last about 2000 miles before they start to unnecessarily wear out the cogs. This is the best interval to get the bike 'Serviced', because during this time the brake pads will also have worn, the wheels may be starting to buckle, the cables may have stretched or corroded and there will be grime and dirt building up in the components. In between Services a Once Over or standalone repair might be needed.

We offer the following options; but as every bike is different, there is a little flexibility to make sure you pay the right price and get the outcome you're hoping for...


from £15

Newcastle Bike Repair Mobile Bicycle Service
Newcastle Bike Repair Mobile Bicycle Service


A Once Over is recommended for bikes that are in working order but would appreciate some attention and adjustments like tightening the brakes and improving the gear changes. It is best suited for newer bikes and ones that have been serviced within the last year or 1000 miles. It includes a thorough check of the bike and the mechanic will highlight any work that needs to be carried out in the near future.

It's also an option if you don't want to spend too much money, and are looking for some improvements to your bike but understand that there might still be some niggles left afterwards (e.g if you're planning to buy a new bike soon).

Any repairs you know of (like a puncture) can be booked at the same time with the 'Once Over + Repair' option. If it has quite a few issues then it probably needs a Service which would be better value.

'...make sure it's safe to ride!'

Newcastle Bike Repair Mobile Bicycle Service

' needs some TLC!'


This is the most popular option and usually what most bikes end up needing!

Recommended every 1500 miles to match up with the best time to replace the chain, or every 10 - 18 months if you don't keep track of miles. If the brake pads have worn right down then the chain is probably worn too.

It's an efficient routine that addresses most of the common issues. Signs that it needs a Service are slipping gears, worn brakes, rusting cables, small wheel buckles and a build up of gunk in the derailleurs. It gets the bike back to working how it should do and prevents the components from seizing up or breaking.

If there's any repairs that can't be done within the Service timeframe then it may cost a little more. e.g hydraulic brake bleeds or broken spokes. If the bike is in a bit of a state then an Overhaul may be a better option depending on the value and condition of the bike.

once over
the service
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Give it a whole new life, and get it back to riding like it did when you bought it. An Overhaul can make it feel like new again. The bike is stripped down with all the components more deeply cleaned, adjusted and greased to reduce wear, or replaced if needed.

Recommended for bikes that "haven't been serviced for years", bikes that have been stored outside for a while or the 'Pride and Joys' that you want to keep perfect.

The biggest differences between this and The Service is that the bearings in the wheels, headset and bottom bracket are cleaned or replaced, all of the cables are replaced, and the bar tape is replaced too if needed. If you know one of these needs doing but the rest are okay then just a Service plus a specific Repair may be a bit cheaper. Otherwise if the bike is mid-range and above it's recommended to get an Overhaul every third Service or 7000 miles to help prolong the life of the bike.

' needs everything doing!'

Newcastle Bike Repair Mobile Bicycle Service

' get you back on the road!'


Approximate prices for the most common repairs needed (not including parts)....

Puncture (inc new tube)

QR Skewer £15 / Nutted £20

Single Speed or Fixed Rear £25

+ puncture protection sealant £5

Gears Adjustment £20

Brakes Adjustment £20

Chain Replacement £15

Chain and Cassette Replaced £20

Hydraulic Brake Bleeds

(inc cleaning piston edges, pads and rotors)

One £30 / Both £50

Wheel True £20

with a snapped spoke £30

Snapped Hanger Replacement £20 upwards

(depends on damage to spokes, derailleur and chain)

Bottom Bracket Replacement

£25 - £35 depending on type

Please note the cost of all parts are excluded from these prices. Internal suspension components are not part of any service.

For anything else like wheel builds, new bike builds, fitting new parts etc - feel free to get in touch.

We currently don't service/repair suspension components, e-bike components or Campagnolo bikes.

Newcastle Bike Repair Mobile Bicycle Service

(Please note the cost of all parts are excluded from these prices)

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