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Newcastle Bike Repair Mobile Bicycle Service
Newcastle Bike Repair Mobile Bicycle Service
Newcastle Bike Repair Mobile Bicycle Service

No need to worry about how to get the bike to a shop or how to dismantle it so it fits in your car... we will drive to your house, do a quick check of the bike with you to confirm what work will need doing, then bring it back to the workshop. The bike will then be serviced and returned to you (usually within 48 hours).

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Being mobile means we can come and collect the bike and drop it off when it's done!


Depending on the weather and type of repair/service; sometimes the work can be carried out on the spot at your location. This element has become increasingly difficult due to the parts shortage since lockdown and we're looking at ways to make this a permanent option again, at least for 'Once Overs' and common repairs.

How do I pay?
On completion, payment can be made by card, contactless, cash, Paypal or bank transfer.

What area do you cover?
The following postcodes make up the radius we cover: NE1, NE2, NE3, NE4, NE6, NE7, NE12, NE28.
Areas outside of this (e.g Gateshead, Hebburn, South Shields) have proven to be un-economical due to the driving distance and morning traffic. There are some other mobile mechanics on the coast that might cover your area.

How do I book multiple bikes at once?
The best way is to check the Book Now calendar for an idea of when the next free slots are, then send an email with details of which service each bike needs and which mornings you can be home for the pick-up; then we can just book it in manually for you.

My bike is cheap so I don't want to spend too much on it, can you help?
Sometimes we might have used parts that can save you a bit of money, but the time it takes to repair and service the bike is still the same. Unfortunately it's sometimes a case of 'buy cheap buy twice', and because bikes are mostly made up of consumable parts there comes a time when replacing all the parts can be just as much as buying another cheap bike. If you tell us your budget we can advice what is possible within that and recommend what to do next.

Why is there a £50 minimum for pick-up and drop-off?
The time it takes to collect and return bikes is part of the working day, and needs to be factored in to the price of each service. Any jobs less than that can be brought to the workshop on the next free slot, or your nearest bike shop, and it might work out cheaper for you depending on what needs doing. We try and keep a little spare time for walk-ins but it's best to book ahead using the option on the Book Now page.

How often should I service my bike?
The simplest answer is every 2000-2500 miles. This is the average lifespan of a chain, as beyond that it can quickly wear out the cassette and chainrings and start 'slipping' which means you have to replace all of them. Most cassettes can get 3 chains of use before they need to replaced, and chainrings even longer depending on the type and quality. During 2000 miles other parts of the bike will have worn or need adjusting (brake pads), so it's a good time to get a thorough service and is the best use of time vs cost. The time it takes to do 2000 miles is different for everyone, so sometimes cables and wires can go rusty and grime builds up before the chain is worn, which is why you'll often hear 2000 miles or 18 months for example.
Newer bikes, fair weather bikes and bikes that get stored indoors will only need a Once Over (aka Basic, Bronze, Safety Check) every 6 months - 1 year, until things like the chain, cables and wheel trues need doing.
In reality, bikes can deteriorate in some way after every ride! So it's a balance of how smooth you want to keep the bike riding, how reliable you need it to be and how much you can spend on it.
There are lots of 'bike vs car costs' comparisons on the internet if you need to justify buying a nice bike for commuting ;)

Newcastle Bike Repair Mobile Bicycle Service
Newcastle Bike Repair Mobile Bicycle Service
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